performance, 2016

A live performance in CMC multimedia theater.
My friend Taka is doing a project about the reaction of Pidan. I found that the time lapse video in her project are attractive and the decaying of meats and beans can be an interesting concept and the basic structure of a performance. Thus, we decided to create a live performance using the time lapse of the reaction of meats and beans. In the performance, it divided in to 3 parts, the first part we want to show the footage without any effects, second part is with effects, and the last part is more crazy and have rotation of the footage to create the mood of decaying. And the sound, we chose some foley sound such as chewing/tearing/chopping at the beginning because of the visual. However, I think those foley sound too realistic and hard to use for the performance, then we try to make some edit for the foley to make it a little bit glitchy but can keep the feeling of chewing/tearing/chopping. And this also can match to our concept.

Collaborated with Taka Tam.