New media art artist and interactive designer. She graduated from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong, majoring in New Media (Bachelor of Arts and Science). Most of her works are inspired from daily life experience, by making use of environment, body sensation, and spatial as the medium,to express her artistic ideas with electronic devices, images, and programming devices.

She has received the Silver Award at the 19th ifva Festival (Interactive Media Category) in 2014, her works were exhibited in Art Basel Hong Kong (2021), PMQ (2019), Hong Kong City Hall (2018), JCCAC (2018) and Hong Kong Arts Centre (2014).

She has served as an installation art designer and engineer for several art projects, including "Emergency Kit & Wishing Pool", "Another Music in Anticlockwise", "Over The Ocean" and so on. In 2021, she is one of co-creator of “Beyond the Firmament” which is a School Tour Demonstration Performance created by Keith Lam and supported by Hong Kong Arts Festival in the HKAF 50th-anniversary special project “Laila”.



- “Sensory Transcode”, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Event Arcade, Central Market

- 1a space @ Art Basel 2021, Hong Kong Art Basel 2021, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
- “City of 0”, Machine & Art NOW, PMQ

-【Infection Invader】, 1a space, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong

-【Purr murmur】, Duo Exhibition, PMQ, Hong Kong

- Algorithmic Art: Shuffling Space and Time, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong
- JCCAC Festival 2018【Factory Forward】Group Exhibition, JCCAC, Hong Kong

- School of Creative Media Annual 2016, Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong

- InnoCarnival 2014, Science Park, Hong Kong
- Emerging Design Talents 2014: New Voices, HKDI, Hong Kong
- Pure Art Showcase, Chai Wan Mei, Art Basel 2014, Hong Kong
- The 19th ifva (Interactive Media Category) Finalist Works Exhibition, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

- City Impression@ Connectivity, City Gallery, Hong Kong Planning Department, Hong Kong

- Exhibition of Secondary School Student’s Creative Visual Arts Work 2011/12
- School Art Marathon, JCCAC, Hong Kong

Exhibitions <

- Interactive and video live reaction, School Tour Demonstration Performance, the HKAF 50th-anniversary special project “Laila”, Hong Kong Arts Festival

- Live Performance, “Purr murmur” Duo Exhibition , PMQ, Hong Kong

-VJ, SCM Info Day, Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong

-VJ, Performance in 8th Arts Ambassadors-in-School cum Outstanding Arts Teachers Recognition Ceremony
-Performer, Sonic Electric: Sonic Recipes With Experimental Intermedia, ISEA Hong Kong

Performances <

- Professor Mayching Kao Arts Development Fund

- Talent Development Scholarship, HKSAR Government Scholarship

- Sliver Award in Interactive Media Category, The 27th ifva Awards, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Awards <